Saturday, October 30, 2010

Improving My Accuracy

Guest post written by Mark Lawson

I grew up playing ice hockey for youth leagues and stuff but stopped in high school to play football and some other sports through school. (My high school didn't have a hockey team.) But now I'm in college and I'm really excited to get to play hockey again for my college's club team. But I'm kind of out of practice, so I'm doing a ton of training to make up for all that lost hockey time.

I went online to try and find some training videos or something. Well just free stuff to help my game, when I found the site and read through it. I showed it to my roommate and we decided to change our internet service to it because I think it will be better htan the one we use already, which always cuts out just when we're writing papers and really need it.

I also found some videos that show different ways of how to score hockey goals, which will really come in handy becuase I haven't played a lot in so long.