Sunday, February 13, 2011

I Shouldn't Be Alive

I Shouldn't Be Alive

Thanks for the article from Maxine Taylor

This show is one of the most intriguing and scary shows that Animal Planet has to offer. The show, "I Shouldn't Be Alive," features the stories of people who have had unreal encounters with animals. This show is truly phenomenal in the way it presents these stories and makes them come to real life. I always make sure to watch it on my satellite tv Texarkana if I want a good fright!

Watching this show, I have seen so many stories of people that truly should not be alive. One person has had an encounter with a crocodile that should have died. This person was in Florida and merely had to run away from a croc that was following it on the highway! It was such an incredible story and my eyes were glued to the television the entire time.

This show is one of the most intriguing shows to watch, if one likes to learn about dangerous animals. There are always plenty of exotic and dangerous animals being featured on this show, like pythons. One will be frightened after he or she watches this program. Overall, I would highly recommend this show to any animal lover who has a keen interest in exotic animals. It is a program that will make one fascinated by the various types of wildlife that exist and will make one want to see them in real life!