Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Grammys 2011: Did It Live Up to Expectations?

Guest post written by  Franklin Davenport

Did anyone tune into the 2011 Grammy Awards on February 13th? I tuned into my favorite awards show of all time a bit later, thank God for DVR and DirectTV satellite specials!

I would first like to know why Lady Gaga felt the need to arrive an egg shaped car, perhaps she was really marketing her new single, " Born This Way"? I wasn't that impressed with her performance, expected a bit more from pop music's leading lady.
Eminem and Rihanna stole the spotlight when they took the stage to perform " Love the Way You Lie". Rihanna's dress, decadent in black, orange, and red was a much better fashion statement than her barely there,slinky looking dress at the Grammy opening.

The Grammy's always focuses on the good and bad of the fashion red carpet statements during the night. The best dressed went to Miley Cyrus, who didn't receive an award but did get to present while wearing a metallic black and silver evening gown. Bold, edgy, and flashy but she did wear it well. Singer/Songwriter and American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez was glowing in her silver dress, with plenty of shimmer, metallics, and silver for everyone at the Grammy's. She wore this style well and looked stunning alongside long time hubby, Marc Anthony.

Congrats to all of the Grammy nominees and winners, looking forward to all that's ahead for the 2011 year of music.