Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Crafting Some Cute Kids Candy Containers

Guest post written by Shirley Milton  
I really love making all kinds of crafts that have to do with the season or the holiday. My kids really love helping me out with them and most of the crafts have to do with them anyway. 
We've been making all kinds of crafts together this month for Halloween and I knew that there was at least one last craft project that I wanted to make for my kids before it was actually Halloween.   Last year both of their candy containers broke by the end of the night, so I knew that we would need some replacements. I decided to craft up some really great ones.  
So I looked online with my internet.clear to see if I could find some really good tutorials on how to make them some new candy buckets. I also thought that if I got them involved in making it, they would have even more fun with it.  
I found all types of ideas for kids candy containers, but I decided to go with some that were made out of fabric. I considered a bucket but I thought that wouldn't do a very good job of keeping all of their candy in there.